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Lynne E. Scroggins, FACHE

Vice President Community Engagement

WellStar Atlanta Medical Center, Downtown and South

I worked with LPS Communications on a Diversity Equity & Inclusion video. I had no experience in video production and was so fortunate to have worked with this highly professional and technically proficient group. The details of production were perfectly executed into a video which featured several employees of different nationalities to highlight our diversity. The team displayed great professionalism and created a video that will remain part of our hospital for years to come.

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LPS Communications’ level of expertise as subject matter experts in conceptual development from ground zero was very apparent with my project. would entail. LPS Communications held my hand and provided industry high tech lingo in language that I could understand. They worked with our staff and physicians to bring forth a comfortability with scheduling, etc. which ended with a script and production that was well received by the leaders of our hospital system during their Leadership Day. My goal is to utilize their services in any upcoming projects and share their services 

with my colleagues.

Darcal Dixon, MBA, MPA

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Administrator and System Consultant, Wellstar


Morehouse Choice

accountable care organization & education system



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I was introduced to Leonard Peters-Smith buy a mutual colleague who was the CEO of an Atlanta chapter of a national non-for profit. He highly recommended Leonard and his marketing firm LPS Communications.


I am Michelle Brown President of Achievea Solutions and CEO of Morehouse Choice Accountable Care Organization. At that time Morehouse Choice ACO was in its early stages. We needed everything from soup to nuts. Brand development, marketing collateral materials, educational videos and a website to link the healthcare organizations who were a part of the accountable care Organization.


Leonard and his team helped us build our digital communication platform, displaying members content, produce educational videos and keep up with illegal specifications. 


2017 recruitment campaign Morehouse Choice ACO grew from five members to twelve. I’m proud of what we accomplished together and I would highly recommend LPS Communications as a marketing partner for your organization.

Michelle Brown

President Achievea Solutions, CEO Morehouse Choice Accountable Care Organization



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Achieva Solutions



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Accord Services



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Mabel L.

I worked with LPS Communications twice. My experience in working with LPS Communications

was so good the first time that I recommended them to the next company I worked with. LPS Communications personnel listened to what we needed and wanted, and they did the rest of

the work! LPS was very flexible with schedules, gave options, and were very professional from

start to finish! I would not hesitate to use them again!




Atlanta Beltline Community

Engagement Experience

3D Display Design

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It is my pleasure to recommend Leonard Peters-Smith, LPS Communications. Leonard has been a valuable marketing resource for the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership for several years. 


Leonard and his team came to the rescue of the partnership when we were engaged in building out the Atlanta BeltLine Welcoming Center on Krog Street in Atlanta GA. The buildout was a challenging project especially due to the tight deadline to open the facility.


LPS Communications, developed, designed and produced for the welcoming center three dimensional displays, wall graphics and collateral materials from concept to installation.


As Executive Director, after closely working with him I can assure you that Leonard’s deep passion for the work and highly effective creative and management skills will become a valuable asset to your team.

Rob Brawner 

Executive Director, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership





Credit Union of Atlanta



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In my role as Executive Assistant to the President of the Credit Union of Atlanta, I was in charge of vendor relations. During our time together for over three years, Leonard displayed great marketing insights, and LPS Communications was our advertising agency partner.

Through CUA’s rebranding campaign, LPS Communications designed CUA’s logo, as well as all promotional marketing collateral materials. When we first met, I was immediately impressed with Leonard’s ability to listen and to quickly understand what we were trying to accomplish as an organization.

I am absolutely confident that Leonard Peters-Smith would be a great fit for your company’s marketing needs. Not only will he bring the kind of skills and experiences you’re looking for in a consultant, but he will also quickly become an asset and help your Company grow in any way he can to get the job done.

Natasha Pruitt


Jim Hill Master-Pieces –

Artist, Educator, Humanitarian

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My Friend Leonard

Leonard Peters-Smith and I were introduced to one another by a mutual fine artist friend,

Jim Hill, at a Marietta, GA coffee shop some years ago. Jim Hill, at the time was developing

a creative platform to showcase his artwork and life experiences. Much to our surprise

Leonard and I discovered that we had a lot in common professionally, coming from the

New York advertising agency business.

Since then, we have collaborated on many projects,including developing a website, videos and the publishing and marketing of the book, Jim Hill Historical Blues: 100 Artworks,100 Inspired Stories.

Leonard was a graduate of the famous school of arts, Pratt Institute. His great talent

rose him to becoming a substantial Art/Creative Director at the world-famous ad agency,

Young & Rubicam.

Upon his relocation to Georgia, he established his own advertising and marketing entity:

Leonard Peters-Smith Toast Communications, that soon gained major medical and

business-to-business clientele, for whom he creates and produces highly successful

and measurable results.


I feel very fortunate to have met my good friend and talented advertising professional.

I am sure that those who utilize Leonard’s talents will also be fortunate.


Bob Sanna

Past-President & Founder: Sanna, Mattson, MacLeod Advertising

Past-President & Founder: Medical Marketing Association (MMA Northeast US Chapter)

Northeast Representative: American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s)

Executive Director Emeritus: Georgia Symphony Orchestra

Bob Sanna
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